AccrePro Modules

The client will get access to following 4 Modules with respective functionalities

Client Admin

Client Admin is the main administrator for the organization who will set up the whole system, create new activities, create new users, assign tasks and manage the overall system. Client admin will also ensure overall preparedness for the accreditation and measure and monitor individual updaters performance.


Updater is one of the key user who is responsible for updating the system with the assigned activities like uploading documents, fill KPIs data and performing the checklists. Updater will also do self-assessment to check the readiness and compliance for the accreditation


Surveyor user type can be internal surveyor or external surveyor. Internal surveyor will do internal assessments during mock survey to check the compliance and readiness for the accreditation and give compliance score.


Viewer use type can enter the system and view only based on permission granted.