AccrePro Deliverables

The hospital and other healthcare facilities will get achieve following benefits by implementing AccrePro Solution:

Real time monitoring and management of hospital accreditation standards like CABAHI, JCI, ISO and others.

Facilitate completion of all accreditation requirements under respective standards and sub-standards

Monitors and measures the progress of completion of requirement for each standard.

Monitors and measures the compliance level of each standard and sub- standards

Automate the whole accreditation process

Provides tools to do ongoing self-assessment of standards to check the compliance rate to the require standards.

Provides tools to do internal survey to check the compliance to continuous readiness program

Provides tool to do actual external survey by bringing all the requirements, documents, checklists, observation and data for the external surveyor as per the assigned session under respective sessions.

Display interactive dashboard and report for the KPIs, other observations and compliance status