Your Partner in Accreditation Management

What is Accrepro ?

AccrePro is an accreditation management solution specially designed for accreditation institutions.

Using AccrePro you can manage all the accreditations like CBAHI, JCI, ISO, CAP, AABB, CARF etc. under one system for one branch or multiple branches.

AccrePro automates all the internal processes required to meet the accreditation standards.

It Increases efficiency, reduces time to prepare for accreditation and allows management to ensure continuous readiness program for accreditations.

Why Accrepro ?

AccrePro utilization assists the organization in

Saving and conserving time during assessment & preparedness phase

100% ensure The completion of the requirements using fewer resources

Real-time monitoring and management of assignments

Maintain organizational, departmental and individual performance with real time monitoring

0 preparation for re-accreditation


Client Admin: 1

Updater: 5

Surveyor: 4

Primary Care Center

Client Admin: 1

Updater: 10

Surveyor: 2

Hospital (JNH)

Client Admin: 3

Updater: 10

Surveyor: 5

Medical Cities

Client Admin: 5

Updater: 30

Surveyor: 7

Key Features:

Connect multiple accreditation standards with common activities

No hard copies and chapter preparation required

Real time monitoring multiple accreditation readiness and compliance

Document/ Policies archiving with auto reminder for expiration

Identify gaps in Non-compliant standards and assign action plan.

Provide access to external surveyor to complete accreditation process paperless and all under one system.

Build in accreditation checklists

  • Medication management
  • Infection control & environmental safety rounds
  • Facility Management
  • Multi disciplinary rounds
  • Personal staff file review
  • Medical Record review
  • Staff knowledge ( by department)
  • Staff competency checklist
  • Physician privileges –
  • Contract evaluation

View standard compliance scores at corporate level, branch level, standards level and chapter levels.

Monitor and follow up on pending tasks to achieve compliance rate.

Monitor organizational level & department level KPIs through interactive dashboards.

Build custom reports to manage accreditation process

Conduct self assessment and internal assessment to ensure compliance to standards

How it works